Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology

The Clinical Biochemistry & Immunology presents qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic fluids consisting of blood, serum or plasma, urine, or tissues for particular chemical elements or physiologic processes. Physicians use these check consequences to screen for, diagnose or screen ailment. The members of Clinical Biochemistry & Immunology are also engaged in carried out research to create new diagnostic medical laboratory exams to discover or reveal disorder, sickness processes, or treatment of ailment. Examples of tests created with the aid of laboratories affiliated with Clinical Biochemistry & Immunology include:

•           Evaluation of immune factors causing disease

•           Evaluation of endocrine organ function

•           Monitoring response to cancer treatment

•           Assessment of transplant immunosuppression

•           Evaluation of genetic variation on routine therapies

•           Assessment of nutritional status

•           Evaluation of drug and metal toxicity